Courses for Babywearing Consultants


Die Trageschule® Courses are suitable for anyone who wants to become a babywearing consultant.  We give course participants technical and teaching skills to work respectfully with parents in a way that builds parents’ confidence in themselves and supports them as the get to know and bond with their baby.

After successfully completing the Die Trageschule® Basic Consultancy Course, you can set yourself up to practice as a babywearing consultant.  Subsequent courses (Advanced and Certification) are designed to deepen and expand your knowledge and skills so that you can work in a variety of different situations with a wide range of slings and carriers.

We understand that teaching is an art in itself.  All of our courses use methods developed by Die Trageschule® which have proven to be successful in teaching families.  Given the huge innovation in design of slings and carriers, on all our courses we give participants the opportunity to explore and practice with a wide range of baby carriers and slings from a variety of producers and manufacturers.

Die Trageschule® consultancy training is structured as followed, with additional skills and expertise being acquired at each level.  You’ll find booking information about upcoming courses if you follow the links:

1. Basic Level

2. Advanced Level

3. Certificate Level

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