Certification Course for Babywearing Consultants


The aim of Die Trageschule® Certification course is to support participants to achieve and maintain a high level of skill, planning, research and delivery in their work as babywearing consultants in a variety of situations.  This Die Trageschule® Certification Course is for consultants who have completed the Die Trageschule® Basic Course and the Advanced Course.  On the course, participants will consolidate and deepen their understanding of the techniques and methodologies covered in the Basic and Advanced Courses, in order to prepare for certification.

Course content includes

  • Review of tying techniques (photo series prepared in advance as course work)
  • Practicing tying techniques and carries on your own and in teamwork
  • Refining teaching methods in pairs and in the group
  • Opportunities for one-to-one feedback on course work and technical skills
  • Reflection on questions about consultations

Each of the course participants are asked to to complete the following:

  • Individual presentation from all participants (prepared in advance as course work)
  • Examination of practical skills in tying techniques and teaching
  • Evaluation of consulting report and picture series (prepared in advance as course work)

On successful completion of this course, a Die Trageschule® Certificate is awarded.

If you are interesed in attending a Die Trageschule® Certification Course, please send us an email at trageschuleireland@gmail.com

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