Online International CPD training

“Babywearing for Parents and Children with Additional Needs”

Die Trageschule® Dresden is offering their annual training days (Dresdner TrageTage-“carrying days”) as an online event, for the first time ever. It is being planned for 2023. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

This will be a unique opportunity for babywearing consultants and for anyone who is qualified to work with parents in the first year of their baby’s life. This course is specifically designed to for babywearing consultants and therapists (such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and osteopaths); the fundamental concept behind the training is collaboration in an interdisciplinary team. Babywearing solutions can only be successful if physiotherapy, other therapies, and babywearing consultancy work hand in hand–this course benefits experts in all fields. The case studies discussed are examples of how disciplines can work together.

Please find below all the information about this training event: 

Location: Online via Zoom

Language: German with simultaneous translation into English by a team of specialist interpreters.

Theme: “Babywearing for Parents and Children with Additional Needs”

Overview: Not only is it possible for infants with additional needs to benefit from babywearing, it can, in fact, be very beneficial to carry them. All kinds of therapy for babies and small children include principles and modes of movement that we know from babywearing, but consultants are often unsure when the topic comes up in their daily work. This online edition of the Dresdner TrageTage (DDTT) is designed to give babywearing consultants more confidence in their work with parents, children, and therapists.  

The key focus of these Dresder TrageTage is how can the babywearing consultant, the parents and the attending therapist(s) find a form of babywearing that incorporates handling guidelines, works towards the aim of the therapy and gives pleasure to baby and parents? This last question is central to consulting practice – naturally, only a babywearing mode that involves the parents’ input will actually be used on a day-to-day basis. The consultant’s skill and specialist knowledge are the key to success here.   

This is why we have decided to dedicate DDTT 2022 to specialist training. The main focus will be on babywearing for parents and children with addtional needs, and the aim is to learn advanced skills and expertise in these areas. 

This online Dresdner TrageTage includes a session on “Tandem Babywearing”

Basic Principles: Babywearing as a support to core treatments (115 mins)

Foundations: Developmental Physiology (180 mins)

Practice: Presentation, Analysis and Discussion of Case Studies (450 mins)


Birgit Kienzle Müller has been a licenced physiotherapist since 1981 and has had her own paediatric practice in Bad Friedrichshall since 1990. Her own specialisation is in neurological development therapies for children and adults. Her treatment concepts include Vojta and Bobath methods, manual therapy, osteopathy, the Schroth method for scoliosis treatment and hippotherapy. She also offers baby-parent coaching. She has published several specialist books and articles. (in German only)

Ulrike Höwer, the founder and director of Die Trageschule®, has worked as a Die Trageschule® Trainer for 25 years. She is a trained nurse, breastfeeding consultant, philsophy graduate (medical ethics and family ethics), master coach (certified by DGfC), supervisor (certified by DGfSv). She is a published author of specialist articles and books.

Book recommendations: (All in German currently)
Leitfaden Physiotherapie in der Pädiatrie, eds. Ute Hammerschmidt, Janine Koch. Elsevier. Chapter on Babywearing as part of a core therapy by Birgit Kienzle-Müller and Ulrike Höwer,
Babys in Bewegung, Birgit Kienzle-Müller, Gitta Wilke-Kaltenbach, Elsevier. Basic principles of developmental physiology Babys im Gleichgewicht, Birgit Kienzle-Müller, Ulrike Höwer, Sabine Hartz, Elsevier. Babywearing consultancy paired with child development and KIH


Tandem babywearing (90 mins): We are often asked about babywearing with twins, and we are delighted to be able to include a presentation on tandem babywearing at this online DDTT 2022. This presentation will demonstrate various options for babywearing with two infants, and the suitability of each will be evaluated in various situations.

The following questions will receive special attention:  What should I pay attention to as a babywearing consultant? What should I be drawing the parents’ attention to? What is important, what is sensible, and what should they definitely not do?

We will also be looking at the following variations: Techniques using two carrying devices/slings/wraps/ring slings; techniques using one carrying device or sling; techniques with wrap/sling and carrying device; making your own carrier for twins.

Raphaela Groeger is a paediatric nurse who has also undertaken training in providing palliative care for children. She became a mother for the first time in 2011 and this was the start of her interest in babywearing. She is a Die Trageschule®–certified babywearing consultant and trainer, providing advice and information to families and medical practitioners. She gave birth to twins in summer 2019 and will be sharing her experience of using babywearing techniques with them.

Price: 399.00 EUR

Course timetable (dates to be confirmed):

Thursday: 9.00 – 15.30. Technical check possible from 8.30

Friday: 9.00 – 16.00

Saturday: 9.00 – 16.00

The course will be recorded and will be available to view for a month after the event so that participants are more flexible with respect to different time zones and unexpected technical difficulties during the training.  

We are looking forward meeting you!

See you at the Online DDTT 2023